About us  

We first opened in 1985 making swimwear on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Today, 32 years later! we are located in Jupiter, Florida and concentrate on making competition suits for stage.  We cut out the suits and sew them right in our store.  We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from, and we are constantly ordering new fabrics.  We custom-fit our suits by sending sample suits for you to try on and reviewing your show photos in order to see how to make them fit perfectly.  We are proud to use the best quality of fabric, elastic, thread, and Swarovski rhinestones.  Our suits are made with pocket lining for enhancement in their tops. Hooks atached to the back of your bottoms to hold top straps, neck straps can be tied or hooked. We use Swarovski rhinestones for the best sparkle! 

Always shopping :)  but photos below offer and idea of what fabric is in stock.  Please refer to the  Choice of fabric page to relay certain fabric type or color when ordering.  Swatches are available to be sent by mail. It's best to see colors in person -mailed free of charge.

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