Bikinis for sale with connectors, stones 

 Suits shown below are for sale or you can use them as an example to decide how to make your beautiful new suit.  Please call if you have any questions.

 561-602-3156 or text or email - 

IMG 0336

B 102 $475  B top banded  small front / pro cut back / purple -pink frost with Swarovski rose, rose ab and tanzanite rhinestones.  Crystal connectors (above )

IMG 9813

B 115   $650  D slim top sliding/ small front / xxsmall back / cobalt blue hologram and Swarvoski cobalt shimmer rhinestones. Crystal connectors ( above )

IMG 5084

Sale  $175   + shipping   

B 108 

Vivid Lime green hologram with Carpi blue Swarovski rhinestones.

B+ top ,  classic bikini Medium size bottoms , Crystal 29ss connectors set in silver and centerpiece. (above)


B 107 $950 ready made/C top banded top with padding /xsmall front and back 

Fuschia pearl frost ,with Swarovski shades of pink ab stones, connectors are crystal ab set in silver (above)


B 106 $1000 ready made  B+ sliding top with padding , blue frost with swarovski elements, crystal connectors, Medium front/ small back bottom (above)

IMG 3820

B 101 $450 ready made / C+ top sliding with padding / small front / small back / aqua frost over purple/ Swarovski rhinestones and  crystal connectors (above)

IMG 7899

B 103 $340  Red frost with crystal and red Swarovski rhinestones / ready made  C+ top sliding with padding /small front/ xsmall back  crystal connectors (above)

IMG 4470

B 105 $650 / ready made/ Hot coral lycra with over 1000 Swarovski rhinestones,  C top sliding with padding/ small front / small back (above)

IMG 5719

B 109 $550 ready made/  C top banded with padding, xsmall front/ xsmall back / royal blue frost Multiple types of rhinestones! (above)

IMG 0476

B 111   $550  C top thinner cut sliding,  small front / xsmall back / red frost on black , gold and crystal ab connectors , Red ab Swarovski rhinestones (above)


B 112  $200   B+ banded top , small front/ xsmall back / blue frost with crystal silver connectors ( above )


B 114 $225  1” spacing crystal Swarovski rhinestones/ Coral tie-dye velvet/ B+ banded top/ small front / xxsmall back (above)

IMG 9968

116  $325 C top sliding / medium front / medium back / lilac purple frost / tanzanite ab Swarovski rhinestones/ crystal connectors (above)